Theatre means liberty, especially behind bars.

„A winner is a dreamer who never gives up.“

Nelson Mandela

You will find our stages in weird-looking places that have nothing in common with a traditional stage, as you would say at first glance - high walls and barbed wires, heavy iron doors and barred windows. It is not easy to simply go to the toilet or to have a cigarette break.
On the way to our rehearsals we have to pass through several locks.

"Aren't you afraid?

Why do you do this kind of artwork?"

people often ask.

Various events in the life of prisoners have impaired their development and socialization; have made them stumble in life. Bad experiences have influenced their way of life, their direction.  Our aim is to perceive human beings in their everyday reality with a complex past, a different life, without neglecting crimes.

Some people in prison have huge artistic skills, but they probably never had the chance to explore their talents. There has probably never been anyone who would have encouraged them.
This is a great basis for our theatrical artwork.


Come on, try it,

don't give up!

You are allowed to make mistakes, it's even great to do, as it pushes you further.


Try to listen to your inner voice, to each other. Find a way to yourself in order to make room for reflection.


Do laugh together – this liberates your mind and gives you energy physically and emmotionally.