- long-term project of "Theater FreiBlick" in the "JVA Heinsberg, Germany" from autumn 2020

- third year: theatre in jail - JVA Heinsberg

- Theatre in prison - JVA Saarbrücken
- further project cooperations in planning

Previous projects in jail

- Ebrach, Germany

- Leonberg, Germany

- Heinsberg, Germany
- Ravensburg, Germany

- Saarbrücken, Germany
- Singen, Germany




-Theater FreiBlick on "NRW Knastkultur" regarding their theatre work in jail in 2019

-Theater FreiBlick on "NRW Knastkultur" regarding a successful creative writing workshop plus
 rehearsals and performance in 2020

Brief report from the "JVA Heinsberg"

In autumn 2019, the artists and project managers, Katrin Schneckenburger and Sylvia Seminara (both trained theater pedagogues BuT®) worked in theater education at the JVA Heinsberg. They initially held trial workshops with various groups of detainees.


In November 2019, they were on site for an intensive project several hours a day for rehearsals in the prison. These rehearsals culminated in a successful performance that was rated positively by fellow players, the audience, the pastor and the institution management as part of the prison culture week. The project team experimented theatrically under the title "The Casting" on a scene collage with various genre contributions using numerous theater pedagogical methods: everything from rap and improvisation to Rilke and Shakespeare was there.


The young men were very grateful for this excursion into the performing arts, which demanded a lot from them, but also allowed them to discover new aspects of themselves and others.