About us

"Theater FreiBlick", that's Katrin Schneckenburger and Sylvia Seminara, artists. The two drama teachers and theatre makers founded "Theater FreiBlick". They complement their work with a wide variety of cooperation partners. Katrin was born in 1973, a year earlier than Sylvia. On stage, they both feel at home and addicted to it since their childhood.


In 2015, the two theatre women met for the first time, not knowing that they would become partners in prison theatre - their common long-term matter of their heart.

Sylvia about Katrin

"Energizing bundle of energy"

"Open, honest, frank, clear and humorous"






"Always has a plan"






"Voice messaging" and "zoom professional"

Katrin on Sylvia

"As crazy as I am!"

"The fastest answering machine in my address book!"


"Passionately competent!"


"A doer!"


"At home in all cultures and languages!"


"Sent from heaven at the right time!"